Gallery Information Page

Dear Art Patron and/or Browser,

Thanks for taking the time to view my paintings and giclee prints
which are located at my studio in Geyserville, Sonoma County. If you would like to contact me or make an appointment email
or call 707 318 5904 . Mailing address is P. O. Box 402, Geyserville , 95441.

On the gallery pages all measurements are in inches and refers
to canvas size. Add about an 1-1/4" for the frame.

 I have painted and have had sold over 1,300 paintings in the last
forty years and I want to thank all my Patrons; who have allowed me to continue to do what I do best. Below is a quick look at my life and art career. And if you just discovered my work, Thank-You
for your interest in my work,

Sam Racina


 Born, Chicago, IL 1948
Resided San Jose 1952-75
Residing near Geyserville 1975 to present.
Served, U.S. Army 1967-70, Viet Nam 68-69.
Education: 70-72 A.A. General Ed. San Jose City College.
72-75 B.A. Art, San Jose State University.
Art Career
1974-82 Outdoor art shows and festivals.
Solo exhibitions:
Village Gallery, Marin County, CA  October 1979
Village Gallery, Marin County, CA November 1980
Vintage Fair Gallery,Yountville, CA August 1980
Americana Gallery, Carmel CA March, 1983
Americana Gallery, Carmel May, 1984
American Gallery, Carmel April ,1985
Americana Gallery, Carmel June. 1987
Americana Gallery, Carmel July, 1988
Americana Gallery, Carmel June, 1990
Americana Gallery, Carmel November, 1992
Trailside Americana Gallery, Carmel March, 1994
Terranean Gallery, Healdsburg,CA December 1995 to February 2008.
Terranean Gallery, Geyserville, CA March 2008-2013, now closed

July 2013 Erickson Fine Art Gallery Healdsburg CA

My Neighbors in Geyserville: